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“It is our pleasure to give a reference for Jeff and his entire design team. We have been working with Jeff Schlarb design for over five years now on three major projects for our home here in Danville, California. They are a most dignified and highly qualified company. They have assisted us with our architect while under a major remodel and their expertise was invaluable to us. Jeff and his design team have transformed our entire home both inside and out to perfection. They are an absolute delight to work with and never once did we have a hiccup of any sort with them. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our working relationship and the finished product is extraordinary.

Anyone choosing Jeff Schlarb design would be so fortunate to have them working alongside you putting together your dream project. Good luck and have so much fun and be ready for an exquisite finish.”

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to come home to my new house. I greatly appreciate what you guys have done and I just love this place!  It makes a huge difference, especially in a smaller place.  It was worth every penny!

Working with you all was such a special experience. The process of working with you helped me grow in my comfort and confidence expressing myself and my style. You helped me create not only a look, but a feeling in my home that (countless people in my life have said) feels like me. Thank you for your leadership, your patience (especially with Lily), your professionalism, and for sharing not only your talents, but your personalities and hearts with me. I’m going to miss you!!!

“I am so grateful to you all and your hard work as I stay home in the home of my dreams. THANK YOU!!!

I appreciate every precious detail, every moment, every corner of this masterpiece of a penthouse you co-created. We went on this magical journey of sparkling discovery together, and I get to experience the results every minute of every day now. It makes me so happy to think of the people behind each and every detail.

Big hugs and THANK YOU for this masterpiece in which I get to live and spend so many many hours! Being here so much makes me appreciate you all even more, if that was even possible.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for your work and let you know that it has a real impact. I now spend 80% of my waking hours in the kitchen, the rooms that look at the landscaping, or the yard itself, and it is an absolute pleasure now.”

Everyone at Jeff Schlarb Design Studio were unbelievably creative with high touch relationship & project management.  Jeff, Gina and Maria transformed 2 of our homes in unthinkable ways, including wallpaper on the ceiling, hand painted details, custom furniture, art and so much fun personality. Worth every penny!

“We just wanted to THANK YOU for creating an Ohana home of our dreams!!! It is beyond stunning and I am so grateful.

We also wanted you to know how happy we were to have Jade and Adilene (the dream team) wrap up our project. We want to keep them but I’m sure their husbands would miss them 😉 They were so lovely, professional, and a joy to work with. We’re so thankful for their hard work and flexibility, despite all the restrictions and challenges they had to deal with.

We soooo appreciate all the gorgeous floral arrangements and special added touches you and your team provided. It was such a beautiful detail and an indescribable feeling to have the house rise up to greet me.”

Amazing! The team at Jeff Schlarb Design Studio has been fantastic from project management to fun creativity. Stunning. They really listen to you creating a space that you want to love and call home! Can’t be happier to live in my new place at Potrero Hill thanks to the entire team at JSDS.

A home is a sanctuary that many aspire to create as part of their journey to love and happiness. At the risk of sounding cliche home is wear the heart is. Whether you are creating a primary sanctuary or an escape sanctuary thoughtful and intentional design supports one’s journey to creating a home that is filled with love and happiness.

At the age of forty-seven, after recently exiting a long term relationship I was seeking to start a new chapter in my journey with the purchase of my first home. Finding an interior designer that had a passion and zest for life was important to me as I embarked on a journey to bring the white canvas of a home I purchased to life. Having reviewed a number of portfolios and discussed with friends their interior design experiences, it was clear to me that Jeff Schlarb would likely be a good partner. From our first conversation while Jeff was hiking to the first team meeting we had at his studio on Sacramento, Jeff and Jade Jacobs affirmed my intuition that this was the best team to partner to bring my vision to life.

My vision was to create a home that provided serenity and nourishment for the soul and welcoming, chic and delightful entertaining experience that is influenced by my journey, values and personality. This may seem like a vision that many homeowners are trying to achieve, but truly understanding what this means to an individual requires intentional and thoughtful conversations. Jeff and Jade heartfully listened to my journey stories and sought clarity on my definition of the words in my vision statement which led to an initial design presentation that was creative, captivating and inspiring. As we embarked down the decision making journey they exhibited patience, provided perspective, balanced my economic parameters and delivered on my design directive of supporting female and underrepresented minorities.

The true testament of this creative partnership was the reveal of my home to my family and friends. It brought my mother to tears as she entered each room of my home. The word gratitude does not fully reflect the immense appreciation I have for Jeff, Jade and the rest of the team at Jeff Schlarb studio, and my beautiful home that is now filled with love and happiness. Thank you for this amazing creative and thoughtful experience!! And thank you for being amazing humans that I am now grateful to have as friends!!!