Jeff Schlarb, mind-melding interior designer and self-professed Rad Maker, dives from his San Francisco-based design studio into the conversations of artists of all disciplines. Wine-Makers, restauranteurs, fellow designers, architects, entrepreneurs, musicians and more are discussing everything on his podcast from their personal craft to hobbies to what the future world will invent next. Without fail, there is always a layer of creative proclivity. Yes, proclivity.

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Honey Guy 410


Walking around San Francisco you've probably passed by one of his paintings of honey bears, lips, or cans of LaCroix. His…

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Riccardo Benavides 410

J. Riccardo Benavides

If you have attended a fabulous event in the Bay Area over the past 20+ years, it was probably created…

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Podcast111219 410

Hilary Newsom

The PlumpJack Group president clearly has a great eye for hotel design and hospitality as she discusses the hotels, restaurants,…

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Podcast101519 410

Drew Altizer

Drew Altizer has been behind the scenes photographing high society in the Bay Area for the past fifteen years. We…

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Podcast093019 410

Dorka Keehn

Talk about a powerhouse! Dorka Keehn is an award-winning artist and chairs the Visual Arts Committee that commissions all the…

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Jarrod Baumann02 410

Jarrod Baumann

The founder of Zeterre Landscape Architecture stops by the studio to reflect on his 20 years of experience developing projects…

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David Nayfeld 410

David Nayfeld

After working at restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, David Nayfeld is now here in San Francisco…

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Simone Marean 410

Simone Marean

Simone Marean, the CEO and Co-Founder of the non-profit organization Girls Leadership, discusses how they are equipping girls all over…

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Ross Cobb 02 410

Ross Cobb

Ross's extreme dedication to his craft, in regards to both viticulture and winemaking, is very apparent after chatting with Jeff…

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Podcast031219 410 02

Kara Swisher

The technology business journalist and co-founder of Recode is usually interviewing Silicon Valley legends like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and…

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Podcast020119 410

Johannes Girardoni

The Austrian-born, American-raised sculptor and installation artist is best known for his reduc­tive inves­ti­ga­tions at the inter­sec­tion of sculp­ture and…

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Podcast120418 410

Christopher Michel

Christopher Michel is a former Naval officer, a Harvard Business School graduate, an entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist and incredible…

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Podcast101718 410

Gregg Lynn

With Gregg's passion for the real estate industry, work ethic, and philanthropic efforts, it's no surprise he and his team…

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Alf Foto 410

Alf Nucifora

The Chairman of the Luxury Marketing Council Northern California Chapter is usually the one hosting panels and interviewing industry leaders.…

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Dilara 410

Dilara Saatci

Dilara Saatci's jewelry reflects her extensive cultural background of Istanbul, Berlin and now San Francisco. She chats about her story…

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Sab 410 02

Sobia Shaikh

Whether she is writing for her lifestyle blog, Shaikhen and Stirred, or chatting with Jeff on the podcast, Sobia Shaikh…

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Kevin 410

Kevin Hackett

Kevin Hacket is co-founder of Síol studio and leads the multi-disciplinary firm. He’s highly creative and articulates his evaluation of…

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Stephen Sutro 410

Stephen Sutro

Stephen is the founder and Principal of Sutro Architects and practices residential, mixed-use, retail, and hospitality architecture. He discusses the…

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Suzanne Tucker 410

Suzanne Tucker

Suzanne Tucker is recognized today as one of the country’s leading interior designers. She discusses her passions, techniques and inspirations…

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Feb14 2018 410

Dr. Mitch Kusy

Dr. Kusy is a distinguished author and professor in the Graduate School of Leadership & Change at Antioch University. He…

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Jan17 2018 02 410

Karen Caldwell

Karen Caldwell is a fashion designer that uses bold colors and retro-Hollywood-influenced silhouettes to make custom dresses and gowns. Karen's…

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12 18 17 Podcast 410

Elizabeth Hausler

Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of Build Change, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce deaths, injuries, and economic…

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Jewelry Designer 410

Emily Wheeler

Emily Wheeler is a fine jewelry designer whose collection is made in the USA from the highest quality conflict free…

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Nov21 2017 410

Andrew Mann

Architect Andrew Mann has been designing residential architecture in the Bay Area since 1989. He joins Jeff to discuss his…

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11 06 17 Podcast03 410

Bowen Dwelle

Bowen Dwelle lives a life of entrepreneurship, physicality, intuitive decision making and maximizing creativity. He joins Jeff to discuss his…

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The Saratoga Tim 410 1

Tim Stannard

As the founding partner of Bacchus Management Group, Tim Stannard oversees a collection of thriving Bay Area- and Southern California-based…

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Richard 410

Richard Wodehouse

Richard Wodehouse is using his forty years of experience as a contractor to help people build their dream home. We…

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Jay Jeffers 410

Jay Jeffers

Elle Decor A-List designer Jay Jeffers details his recent charity bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, designing a…

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Jonathan Feldman 410

Jonathan Feldman

After a career in filmmaking and carpentry, Jonathan Feldman successfully switched gears and became the founding partner and director of…

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Bw Glasses 410

Stanley Saitowitz

Stanley Saitowitz is a world-renowned architect and the Principal of Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects. He speaks with Jeff about the resiliency…

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Podcast Image May01 410

Jo Piazza

The award-winning journalist, editor, and author discusses her incredible new book "How to be Married," a provocative memoir of a…

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Aubrie02 410

Aubrie Pick

Food, lifestyle, interiors, and travel photographer Aubrie Pick sits down to discuss what really goes on behinds the scenes of…

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Podcast 041817 410

Allison Duncan

After serving as Program Director at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Allison started Amplifier Strategies to modernize philanthropy and…

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Tiffany Shlain 410

Tiffany Shlain

The filmmaker, author, and founder of the Webby Awards recently released the short-film “50/50: Women at the Table” and chats…

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Woman Green Beanie 410

Jayde Fish

The illustrator's designs caught the eye of Gucci's Creative Director Alessandro Michele, leading to her work being featured in their…

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Lewis Butler02 410

Lewis Butler

Lewis Butler describes the amalgamation of historic architecture meeting innovative architecture in London, San Francisco, Old Europe and beyond. We…

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Jessica Silverman 410

Jessica Silverman

Jessica dazzles and inspires us, while admitting that from an early age she enjoyed pushing the envelope to elicit reactions.…

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Mary Gonsalves Kinney 410

Mary Gonsalves Kinney

The celebrity wardrobe stylist and Creative Director of MGK Style gets her clients ready for red carpet events, a night…

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Anna Weinberg 410

Anna Weinberg

If you’ve eaten at Marlowe, Park Tavern, Marianne’s, The Cavalier, or Leo’s Luxury Oyster Bar, then you have Anna to…

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Alex Steffen

It’s refreshing listening to someone like Alex who is passionate about our planet’s future and sustainability. The author and TED…

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Loren Gold 410

Loren Gold

Loren is the keyboardist and backup vocalist for The Who and has toured with artists such as Taylor Hicks, Kenny…

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Patrick Barber

Patrick Barber

The native San Franciscan, real estate thought leader and President of Pacific Union breaks down the current state of the…

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Lisa Grotts 410

Lisa Grotts

The Huffington Post contributor and CEO of The AML Group, certified etiquette & protocol consultants, answers all of Jeff’s etiquette…

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Lauren Goode 410

Lauren Goode

The Senior Editor for The Verge’s technology section proves why every tech company wants to be on Lauren’s good side.…

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Stephen Elliott 410

Stephen Elliott

Not many people have written a memoir, let alone had James Franco turn it into a movie and star as…

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Alonzo King 410

Alonzo King

Alonzo is a visionary choreographer who changes the way we look at ballet and the way we look at life.…

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Joey Zwillinger 410

Joey Zwillinger

The co-founder of Allbirds is utilizing his experience as a bioengineer to disrupt the shoe industry. Hear how Joey plans…

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Erin Hiemstra 410

Erin Hiemstra

The founder of the popular lifestyle blog, Apartment 34, gives Jeff some fashion advice, details her ongoing home renovation and…

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Scott Wiener 410

Scott Wiener

The San Francisco Supervisor breaks down the day in a life of campaigning for State Senator, discusses San Francisco and…

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Tyler Florence03 410

Tyler Florence

Food Network star, restaurant owner and chef, wine maker, and author sits down with Jeff to explore artistry, perseverance and…

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Espree Devorah 410

Espree Devora

Espree is a serial entrepreneur and has developed a reputation as the "girl who gets it done." She is the…

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Mark Bartels 410

Mark Bartels

Mark was born and raised in South Africa and is currently living in San Francisco. He is the CFO of…

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